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High Dose PRP for Low Back Pain

More often than not, when a patient is suffering from some sort of pain, it can be directly tied to some irritation in the back. Whether the pain is high or low, it is likely that many can claim to have experienced it at one point or another. Low back pain is extremely common and […]

William Bozeman

High Dose PRP for Herniated Disc

When it comes to back pain, the fact is that there are many conditions that could contribute. Most patients with back pain will be able to point to a specific incident of acute injury or be able to accurately explain the chronic condition contributing to the pain, but for many patients back pain can be […]

William Bozeman

High Dose PRP, Platelet Rich Plasma, as a Treatment for Epicondylitis

Differing locations and levels of pain throughout the body can be perplexing to the average person who is experiencing or learning about their pain. One minute, a patient might be experiencing pain in one location of their body and the next their pain has vanished or relocated. Typically, Orthagenex works to help patients treat chronic […]

William Bozeman

High Dose PRP for Knee Pain

At times, when patients with knee pain are at their most vulnerable, it can seem next-to-impossible to believe in a treatment that can help. What’s worse, when patients experience knee pain on a daily basis, hope in alleviating the pain seems to disappear rapidly. As patients live with the effect of knee pain, accomplishing most […]

William Bozeman

High Dose PRP for Facial Rejuvenation

Typically, the purpose of our treatment programs is to mitigate orthopedic injury without surgery and reduce pain from chronic and acute conditions. When a patient thinks of Orthagenex, they will typically think of its premier method of treatment– high dose platelet rich plasma. Patients would be correct to assume that the nature of high dose […]

William Bozeman

High Dose PRP, Platelet Rich Plasma, as a Treatment for Degenerative Disc Disease

Typically, as most patients age, they will begin to feel the wearing down of their joints and muscles. This pain is not only likely, but it is probable that some (if not all) of that pain will come from the back. Besides acute back injuries that are a result of incidental injury and typically heal […]

William Bozeman

High-Dose PRP Treatment For Frozen Shoulder

With a sometimes undeciphered origin, patients experience shoulder pain at a level and frequency that quickly becomes unmanageable. While shoulder pain can be a result of several risk factors – low, high, and everywhere in between – at times, the diagnosis of shoulder pain is not what matters to patients. There are times when patients […]

William Bozeman

High-Dose PRP Treatment For Hair Regeneration

Over the past decade, advancement in treatment for pain conditions has accelerated past what we once thought imaginable. Thanks to this advancement, we now have a solid understanding of the treatments that work and those that are less than effective.  We understand that some treatments have deleterious side effects that can lead to worse conditions […]

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High Dose PRP for Low Back Pain

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